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Families needing housing resources CALL 211 or 

General Inquiries

(206) 323-6336

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Catholic Community Service
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Family Housing ConnectionsOne call connects you to housing resources in King County

  • Schedule an appointment; CALL 211 or 1-800-621-4636
  • Meet with a Family Housing Connection specialist
  • Receive a follow up phone call when a housing resource becomes available
  • Meet with housing staff to ensure the best fit for your family

Program Description

 Family Housing Connection reduces the burden on families experiencing homelessness in King County by providing a single access point for shelter and housing resources. With one phone call to 211, an appointment will be scheduled for your family to meet with a Housing Specialist at a convenient, child friendly location. Your appointment will take about one hour (appointments with interpretation services will take two hours).   During that time, your family will discuss your housing needs and barriers with a Housing Specialist.  After your appointment, you can stay in touch with Family Housing Connection for updates while you wait for an opening in a shelter or housing program. When a housing resource becomes available, Family Housing Connection will call you to ask follow up questions.  If your family is eligible for the available housing resource, we will arrange a meeting between your family and that housing program.  If that program is a good fit for you, the final step is moving into the housing program.  If that program is not a good fit, your family will remain at the top of the placement list until a good fit is identified.

For more information, please visit:


Emergency Resources  |  For Providers  |  Frequenty Asked Questions


Meeting Locations  

FHC will have offices in Auburn, Bellevue, Federal Way, Kent, Seattle, Shoreline, Redmond, Renton, and White Center.

Informational Videos   

Coming Soon in Amharic, English, Russian, Somali, Spanish, and Tigrinya.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does Family Housing Connection include all shelters and housing in King County?

As of April 2012, Family Housing Connection will include shelter and housing programs that are funded by City of Seattle and King County. We are having conversations with programs that do not receive this funding with the goal of developing partnerships that will benefit families experiencing homelessness. Types of programs included in Family Housing Connection are:

  • Emergency Shelters
  • Transitional Housing Programs
  • Service Enriched Housing Programs
  • Permanent Supportive Housing Programs

2. What happens to the existing waiting list(s) my family is on? 

 Family Housing Connection will honor your status on existing waiting lists if you sign a release of Information. This Release of Information permits program(s) to share basic wait list information with us.  If Family Housing Connection receives a signed Release of Information from the program(s) you applied with, you will be prioritized based on the date you previously applied.  Former wait lists will no longer exist after April 23, 2012.

3. Will Family Housing Connection get my family into housing faster?

It is important that we are clear so your family has realistic expectations.  Family Housing Connection is not creating additional housing resources and this new process will not get your family into shelter or housing faster.  This new process will make it easier for your family to navigate the housing system in King County; instead of calling  80+ programs individually, you will now have a single access point to current shelter and housing resources.  With one call to 211, your family will be placed onto a housing roster for 80+ shelter and housing programs in King County.  When you call 211, you will schedule an appointment with Family Housing Connection to discuss your family’s housing needs and barriers.

4. What is the Placement Roster?

The placement roster is the tool used to track every family who calls 211 needing shelter or housing resources.  This tool tracks families by the date they call 211.  As programs have openings, the family with the earliest entrance date is the first family screened for program eligibility.

5. Are Section 8 vouchers included? 

No.  Section 8 wait lists will remain the same as they have been.

6. If a family is already in housing and the family is growing, do they receive a bigger unit?

If your family’s household size changes while in a housing program and your unit no longer meets your needs, your Case Manager must contact Family Housing Connection to discuss a more appropriate fit.  Your Case Manager will have a form to fill out to start this process.  Families are considered for program openings based on their current size, which takes pregnancies into account at the time of the in-person appointment and follow-up phone call.

7. What if my family speaks limited or no English?

Family Housing Connection has Housing Specialists that speak Amharic, English, Russian, Somali, Spanish, and Tigrinya.  For all other language needs, interpretation services will be available during your meeting with a Housing Specialist and follow up phone calls.  In the near future, all of our written materials will be translated into the major languages spoken in King County.

8. Will eligibility requirements stay the same?

Yes, program eligibility requirements will remain the same. This new process will make applying for housing much easier for families, requiring one call to 211 to get connected to 80+ shelter and housing programs. 

9. I have a friend who is pregnant and homeless. What should she do?

Any pregnant woman or family who does not have a place to stay can call 211 to connect to Family Housing Connection.

10. If my family has been homeless for a long period of time, do we have priority?

Families are prioritized based on the date you entered shelter, were placed on a housing waiting list or on the date that you call 211 on or after April 23, 2012..

11. Can my family be on the waiting list for section 8 at the same time?


12. Once you get into a shelter, can you stay on the placement roster for permanent housing? 

Yes, families will remain on the placement roster until they get into transitional or permanent housing.  Once in transitional housing, your family will be responsible for obtaining permanent housing.  Case Managers at transitional housing programs are available to help with that process.

14. How do you define a family?

A family is:

  • A pregnant woman, OR
  • An adult (18 years old or older) with at least one child (17 years old or younger) in their care. Family Housing Connection welcomes families of all sizes and backgrounds. Please be aware that resources for larger families are limited, requiring longer waiting times.

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