CCS and CHS are awarded $1,108,803 to create a new transitional housing program for Veterans

Catholic Housing Services of Western Washington was recently awarded $1,108,803 from the VA's Homeless Providers Grant and Per Diem Program (GPD) to create an 18-bed transitional housing project for homeless Veterans.  CCS King County will be the service provider for this program.

Located close to Seattle University, the program will serve homeless Veterans who have unstable social networks, are unemployed or underemployed, may suffer from mental illness and/or substance abuse. These men will have little or no resources to fall back on and will be in dire need of help and support to get back on their feet.  Veterans may have acquired job skills while in the military, but many of those skills are not transferable to the jobs available in their community.   

The program is designed to support each Veteran as they progress at their own pace. Resident progress will be closely monitored through ongoing assessments of individual goals. Monitored outcomes will include; improved residential stability, greater self-determination and increased income and/or job skills. These Veterans will be encouraged to participate in educational and vocational programs.  Residents will be required to maintain sobriety while engaged in case management services designed to help them obtain and maintain permanent housing. Upon successful completion of the program, at least 6 months of aftercare case management and support will be provided to the independently housed Veteran.

CCS/CHS is positioned to successfully serve this homeless Veteran population. Our overarching guiding philosophy is to ‘meet clients where they are' respecting their individual needs and creating a service plan that helps them increase personal dignity and self-confidence, leading toward housing stability and an improved quality of life. Our partners agree that the early intervention strategy we propose is a sound and effective way to reduce homelessness for Veterans in Seattle/King County. By adding a pre-emptive intervention to long-term homelessness, expanding and diversifying existing resources, and adding to best practices, we anticipate this new program will enhance the Seattle/King County's arsenal of tools to end homelessness, and further illustrates our commitment to increase access to services for those Veterans throughout western Washington who are consistently underserved; prevent problems before they occur through education and intervention; and, to enhance the continuum of care by integrating services available within the community. 


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